Exotic Game Price List

445 McNutt Lane

Junction , TX 76849

Contact: Martin Keller


Price Effective until April 1, 2009
Common Name Native Habitat Binomial Name


Addax Sahara Desert Addax nasomaculatus $3,250.00
American Bison North America Bison Bison $2,500.00
Aoudad North Africa Ammotragus lervia $2,650.00 "On Sale"
Armenian Mouflon Northwestern Iran Ovis orientalis orientalis $2,500.00 "On Sale"
Axis Deer India Cervus Axis $1,500.00 Doe $200
Barasinga India Cervus duvaucelii $3,250.00
Blackbuck India Antilope cervicapra $1,750.00 Doe $200
Blesbok South Africa Damaliscus dorcas phillpsi $4,850.00
Blue Wildebeest South Africa Connochaetes taurinus $3,950.00
Common Eland South Africa Taurotragus oryx $3,250.00
Dama Gazelle Africa Nanger dama $5,500.00
Dybouski Sika     $1,750.00
Elk North America Cervus canadensis $3,750.00
European Mouflon Europe Ovis orientalis musimon $1,550.00
Fallow Deer Europe Dama Dama $1,750.00 Doe $200
Gemsbok Africa Oryx gazella $4,750.00
Ibex     $1,500.00
Kudu Eastern Africa Tragelaphus strepsiceros P.O. R.
Markhor Pakistan Capra falconeri $8,500.00 "On Sale"
Nilgia Northern India Boselaphus tragocamelus $1,750.00
Nubien Ibex Middle East Capra nubiana P.O. R.
Persian Ibex Europe Capra aegagrus P.O. R. "On Sale"
Red Deer Europe Cervus elaphus $2,750.00
Red Sheep     $3,250.00 "On Sale"
Rio Grande Turkey  North America Meleagris gallopavo $150.00
Sable Antelope East Africa Hippotragus niger P.O. R. "On Sale"
Scimitar-Horned Oryx  North Africa Oryx dammah $2,650.00 "On Sale"
Sika Asia   $1,500.00
Water buffalo Asia Buffalypso $900.00
Watusi Africa   $1,200.00
Wild Hog North America Feral Pig $150.00 Per Day Unlimited Hogs
Zebra South Africa Equus quagga $3,000.00
Sheep & Goat
Black Hawaiian     $850.00
Texas Dall Sheep     $850.00
Mouflon Sheep     $850.00
Catalina Goat     $850.00
Corsican Ram     $850.00
Four-Horn Sheep (Jacobís Sheep)   $850.00


Hunting packages are available upon request.

Hunters pay full price for wounded animals. No exceptions.

Daily guide fees are $150 per day per hunter. Non-hunting guests accompanying hunter in field will be charged $50.00 per day per guest fee.

Accommodations are available upon request at $45.00 per night and $25.00 per night. Meals are available upon request 7 days in advance for additional fee.

Deposits of $300 per hunter are required on all hunts 14 days in advance to hunt date.  All deposits are non refundable.  We accept personal checks, cash, certified check, money order, or travelerís checks. Balance is due at completion of hunt.  

Please make all checks payable to DMK Ranching, LLC.

All prices and availability of animals are subject to change.

*All hunters are required to have a valid Texas Hunting License.  

Thank you for your patronage, Ranch Manager, Martin Keller